Adding Your Night Ninja IP Camera To Your Hikvision POE NVR

In this guide, we’ll cover setting up one of your Gamut Night Ninja IP cameras to a Hikivison POE NVR. Ensure you follow through each step carefully and keep a note of the IP addresses for a smooth process.

Step 1: Connecting the camera and software

Let’s install the Search and Config software which will allow you to configure the cameras as needed.


Once downloaded and installed you will want to have your camera connected into one of the camera ports on the rear of the recorder. On the 4 channel NVR, you will see 4 network connections and then a single connection on its own. The camera wants to be connected into one of the block of 4, you then want another lead going from one of these ports into your router. 

This last lead will be moved as it’s only for the initial configuration so don’t worry if you have 4 cameras.

Step 2: Changing the IP address on your camera

Load up the Search and Config tool and check one of your cameras is connected to the rear of the NVR.

  • Once loaded up you will see the camera show up in the list, you want to put a tick in the box by where it says check.


  • Now that you have selected the camera you want to find the IP Address box towards the bottom left.


  • You want to change the IP Address to (Make a note of the IP address you use, especially if you have more than one camera).


  • After changing this we can change the Gateway to and then press the Batch Modify IP button on the right, press ok on the confirm button.


  • Wait 10 to 15seconds and then press the refresh button at the bottom, you will now see the IP address for the camera has updated.


If you have additional cameras you can disconnect this camera and then connect the next one following through the same steps but changing the last section of the IP Address this time (for example


Step 3: Adding your cameras to the NVR

For this stage of the setup you want to have the cable which is going to your router connected into the single network port on the NVR. You will then want to have all the cameras you have connected into the camera ports.

  1. Right click with your mouse and select main menu from the list.
  2. Click on the camera menu.
  3. Now click on the IP Camera option.
  4. Select one of the cameras out of the list and press the pencil button beneath the edit option.
  5. Change the protocol to be Onvif instead of Hikvision.
  6. Input the cameras IP Address which you have set (we set the first one to
  7. Alter the port to be 8080
  8. The username is admin (all lower case) and the password is admin (all lower case).
  9. Press the ok button and then repeat step 4 onwards selecting a different camera each time.

That’s everything set up, when you have your NVR on the split camera views you will now be getting pictures from all your cameras which you have connected!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.