Configuring Your Comfast Wi-Fi Bridge

Before You Begin, Plug It All In

You should have both the bridges, power supplies and Ethernet cables to hand. Take the first bridge and run an Ethernet lead from it’s WAN port to  the power supply’s PoE port. Then take a cable from the power supply’s LAN port directly to your computer.

Now take the second bridge and run a cable from it’s WAN port to the POE port on the power supply.

Click this link to configure the settings on your Windows computer.

Make sure that both bridges have the slider switch in the “on” position.

Once done you can follow the remaining steps!

Configuring Your Comfast Bridges

Open a web browser and type into the address bar.

On the login page type “admin” as the password.

Now on the main menu, select the “Wizard” tab on the side and then click “Bridge”.


Here you will want to use one of the following sets of details, depending on your internet provider.

If you’re with BT:

  • The IP address will be
  • Gateway will be
  • Default password is “admin”

If you’re with TalkTalk:

  • The IP address will be
  • Gateway will be
  • Default password is “admin”

If you’re with Virgin Media or Sky:

  • The IP address will be
  • Gateway will be
  • Default password is “admin”

Click “Next”, then click “Scan”. This will show a list of nearby Wi-Fi networks: select the one with “Comfast” in it’s name.

Choose a Password and make a note of it. You will want to set the same Password on the next page when asked.

Click the “finish” button and watch the progress bar fill up. You now have one-half of a bridge!

We now need to set up the second bridge to pair with the one you have just completed. This is known as the Access Point, or AP.

Back on the main menu, return to the “Wizard” tab and this time click “AP”.

Here, you want to enter an IP address that is different but still compatible. The easiest way to do this: copy your previous IP address used for the Bridge (in our example with a BT router, this is and add one to the last set of digits. In this case, changing the IP address to The subnet mask and gateway can stay the same.

Click “Next”. Make sure that the Password you see here is the same as the one you took note of earlier when setting up the Bridge! Otherwise, you can leave these settings as-is.

Once done you can take the Ethernet lead out of the laptop and plug it into your router.

Type the IP address you set the bridge to into your address bar to bring up the login page again. Once logged in you will see a graph which shows the connection between the two bridges.

That’s it! If you have any questions our helpdesk is available weekdays 9am-5pm so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.