How to Setup Your Green Feathers HD Bird Box Camera on Your Windows PC

In this guide, we will show you how to configure the software on your Windows PC so that you can watch your Green Feathers Bird Box Camera on your computer. This works for our HD IP and Wi-Fi cameras only.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have the camera connected to the power supply and your router with the ethernet leads supplied. The camera can also be connected to a POE switch.

Download for Windows

Once downloaded, install the software.

Adding your camera to the software

Load up the CMS5 software, pressing the login button when prompted.

Now select the Add Cameras option, selecting the camera from the list on the left by putting a tick in the box and pressing add. This will shift it to the “added devices” pane on the right, you want to tick the box at the bottom which says In order to login device, modify IP automatically.

Click on the “main” option and then select “live view”.

Once on the “live view” screen, you will want to double click on the camera off the right to then bring up the camera feed. You can select the single window option off the bottom left to make the camera full screen.

Well done! Your Green Feathers Bird Box Camera should now be all ready to go with all the settings saved. To watch the camera on your PC all you need to do from now on is to open the software and enjoy.

You can also view the camera on your  iOS and  Android smartphone/tablet. Read our respective guides to find out how.

Should you need any more help please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpdesk.