Setting Up Your SPYZ62WF On Your Mobile Device

 Downloading the Software

The application for connecting to the camera is called Attez 2.0, which can be found below.



Download the application before continuing.


Connecting the Camera

Ensure that an SD card is inserted into the camera.

For SD cards that are 64gb and above, some software is required to format the SD card correctly.

More information can be found here for windows:

And here for Mac:


Power the camera on and connect to the Wi-Fi of the camera locally. Go to your phone settings > Wi-Fi and find the camera named Attezcam_xxxxx.


While you are connected locally to the camera’s Wi-Fi, open the Attez application, and then select “Add new cam” at the bottom of the screen.



The camera can now be named how you like. We have named it “MyNewCam”. Select the local Wi-Fi network to add the camera to and enter your Wi-Fi password in the box below.



Changing Recording Settings

Select the settings icon for the camera you have added. Press on the recording settings for this camera.


A schedule can be set for the camera. A start and end time can be set, and the on/off button highlighted to enable a set of schedules. If the times are left at 00:00 and 24:00, the device will record continuously.



The system can be set to record continuously, record on voice trigger, or on motion trigger.


Always record is the constant recording, and will always record in the time frame specified above.

Voice trigger will start recording to the SD card once the microphone detects audio.

Motion trigger starts recording once there is a change of scenery, when objects move across the frame or when lighting changes in the image.